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The best thing about all of our classes is that we understand you - we are Mums too and we know what a challenge juggling fitness and exercise with life as a Mum can be. We are experts in our field and are trained to know the ins and outs of Pre and Post Natal health from diastasic to pelvic floor rehabilitation and we work with each individual to get the best out of their classes for them as an individual. We offer a range of classes all designed for whichever part of the journey you are on. From 1-2-1 Pre Natal Pilates or Personal Training to keep you fit for your birth, to helping you stay active when you've had your baby and also to helping you juggle your fitness with your life as a Mum through 1-2-1 or baby comes too personal training sessions! 

Not only do our classes provide a fun and varied way to stay fit and healthy but they also offer an invaluable way of meeting other local Mums. The heart of Mamma's Fitness is the local community and we provide a happy, welcoming environment for our members to meet other Mums in the area. Many of our Mums meet lifelong friends at their classes and socialise before, after and outside of the class times. We create Whatsapp groups for each of our sessions so that Mums can keep in touch and help each other with advice, encouragement and support - we all know that being a Mum isn't all hearts and flowers!

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mammas and bumps

Our 1-2-1 Pre Natal Pilates or Personal Training sessions really are the perfect exercise for Mums-to-be. Sessions are tailored to you and your pregnancy and target the tummy, the back and the pelvic floor which are all put under strain as your baby grows. By strengthening these muscles during pregnancy you can minimise the risk of injury during your pregnancy, maximise the chances of being fit and healthy for your birth and also speed up your recovery after your little one arrives. Each pregnancy is different and the stress on your body shows in different ways so each Mum-to-be is cared for and monitored individually to ensure that exercises are adjusted week on week as necessary. 


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For Mammas with Bubbas we offer Buggy Exercise and Post Natal Pilates classes along with Personal Training sessions and the best thing is that Bubbas come along too! All are designed to be welcoming, friendly but also challenging and the exercises are tailored to each individual's fitness level. Practical, affordable, and accessible fitness classes injected with a good dose of fun, classes not only produce results but fit in with you and your baby! Each of our venues provides a changing area and a 15 min slot before and after the class for you to feed. 


Buggy Exercise Classes all start at the Claygate Recreation Ground and are held in and around Claygate. They incorporate both fat burning and resistance elements to strengthen the body and the pelvic floor.


Post Natal Pilates is held in our studio and will retrain your abdominal muscles to help support your spine and pelvis to prevent back problems. Upper body, legs and bottoms are worked too whilst your body will also enjoy some wonderful stretches to help with any stiffness.

Post Natal Personal Training is tailored to your individual needs and can be held in and around the local area, in the Mammas Fitness studio or a combination of the two Our trainers are both mums and will make sure your baby is happy to give you the chance to make the most out of your session! Plus they quite like the extra cuddles!

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mammas and bubbas

We know that life as a Mum can be tough. It is the world's hardest juggling act no matter what stage you are at. It is hard to fit it all in and generally we put ourselves last on the list which is why we offer classes for Just Mummas!


Personal Training sessions - whether you want Pilates, strength training, kettlebells, HITT training, cycling, running or simply to stretch the body - we have a wealth of training to adapt to every clients needs. We put together realistic, flexible and individual fitness and nutrition plans that suit you and your unique timetable and we work with you to achieve your goals.


Pilates classes are also available in the evenings for Mums that have returned to work or simply would rather attend without their baby. This is a great way to gain some 'me-time' admist a busy schedule and continue to keep your body in shape.

Pilates Work Out

This bit's an added extra! We all have something in common and we know that being a Mum can be very rewarding but also quite lonely at times. Each class has it's own Whatsapp group so you can keep in touch and meet up. Many of our classes meet for coffee after a session and we organise regular nights out for our Mums - because it's not all about being a Mum!

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