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"Claire is absolutely fantastic! I started the Buggy Exercise and Post Natal Pilates classes when my little boy was 3-months old and she really helped me shift that baby weight and kept me sane- being able to do some exercise over my maternity leave. I would definitely recommend doing both of the classes as I think they compliment each other really well with Buggy Exercise helping with the cardio and Pilates to tone the body! She's also brilliant with the babies- always offering to help with holding them to get the most out of the workout! I liked Pilates so much that I'm now, having returned to work, doing the evening classes which are also brilliant!! Thanks Claire- you're amazing!!"

"Claire's postnatal Pilates class has been fantastic for helping me to regain strength and flexibility after pregnancy. The classes are small and so she can give individual attention depending on your needs. Shes very relaxed so no problem if baby needs a feed or change half way through!"

"Claire is such an amazing personal trainer. She really pushes you and wants you to do well. She is so good at making you do your best in a nice way when you think you can't. My fitness improved a lot during my personal training sessions and she really inspired me to do so much more exercise out of our sessions that I took up running and fitness regularly and really changed my shape."

"I joined Claire's buggy fit class shortly after moving to Claygate and after having my second baby. I was keen to get my fitness back but for me the social element to be able to meet other local mums was really important. In an hour long class Claire manages to squeeze in a proper workout for us all whilst balancing the different fitness levels of the group. And we have a laugh along the way and a coffee and a chat at the end! I've also started to do some one to one personal training sessions with Claire and have found this to be a great way to complement the buggy fit classes. The PT has given me more awareness of my fitness strengths and weaknesses and we've been able to focus on areas that require more work post baby number 2!"

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