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How soon can I start exercising after having had my baby? 

Mums that have had a natural birth should wait until the 6-8 week check up with their GP to get the go ahead to start exercising again. If you have had a C-section you must wait 8-12 weeks and again be cleared by your GP. 

What should I wear and do I need to bring anything?

  • Comfortable clothes for moving about in 

  • A bottle of water to keep you hydrated 

  • A supportive bra or sports bra. Don’t forget breast pads if you are breast feeding!


Buggy Exercise classes only - 

  • Trainers needn’t be new, just comfortable and provide you with the support you need 

  • Waterproof for you and rain cover for buggy (We will continue in the rain!) 

  • Layered clothing is advised as you will soon warm up!


Pilates Classes only - 

  • Mats used for the floor exercises will be provided, unless you want to bring your own 

  • A small play mat or bouncer for your baby if you think it will help whilst your exercising

  • Loose comfortable clothing

  • A small towel if you are breast feeding to act as support if we are doing any work lying on or tummies

What does my baby do whilst I am exercising? What if my baby starts crying?

We are very aware of how unpredictable little ones can be so please don't worry if you need to stop and comfort baby, feed or change a nappy, go straight ahead. Before you come, please make sure baby is fed and dry. Bring a few toys with you to amuse baby and a few snacks and a drink for the older ones.

In Buggy exercise classes the younger babies tend to find the movement of the buggy sends them to sleep and the older ones often sit and gurgle at silly mummy doing all these funny exercises! Do remember to dress your baby for the weather and make they are warm and have a rain cover if it is raining.

Where are classes held?

All of our Pilates classes are held in Sherwood Studio and our Buggy Exercise classes meet at the Claygate Community Centre. Full details of both can be found here.


How do I book?

If you are interested in joining a Mammas Fitness class please either book your course online here or get in touch with us on 07795 248864 or email Once booked you will be sent confirmation and will be asked to complete payment and also fill in a health questionnaire which you can find here. This must be returned to us at least 2 days before your first class.

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