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  • All of our classes are one hour long and are suitable for a variety of fitness levels.

  • All Buggy Exercise classes are priced at £11

  • All Pilates classes are priced at £15

  • Classes are bookable half termly or termly depending on the class type

  • Our existing customers get access to a pre-sale each half term/term so that they are able to rebook their class before it goes on general sale

  • We offer catch up classes wherever possible. If you miss a class you are able to attend another class type during the same half term (as along as there is space)

  • Each class has a dedicated WhatsApp group so that the teacher can communicate easily but more importantly so that Mums are able to meet up and chat outside of the classes

  • Each term we organise a night out for our Mums which is usually drinks and a meal at a local restaurant. These are entirely optional but are very well attended - after all us Mums deserve a night out too!

We do not offer a Pay as you Go option for our classes as we want you to get the very most out of our courses - for your health and fitness but also for your well-being. We assess each Health Questionnaire and get to know each Mum as an individual to offer a safe and tailored approach for each member of our classes.  The camaraderie and bond that develops between Mums at our classes is what makes us so special and this magic happens best over a complete course. We want you to finish our courses stronger, healthier and more confident in your new role as a Mum to be or Mum and hopefully with some new friends too! 



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