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The Benefits of Baby Reflexology

As a new Mum, you may feel overwhelmed by your new role and would like to find

different ways to enjoy quality time with your baby. You may also be looking for natural and gentle techniques to help with common concerns, such as issues with digestion, sleep and calming.

Reflexology is a calming, non-invasive therapy that involves specific pressures and

massage techniques to the feet. It has been found to aid relaxation of mind and body, improve overall mood and wellbeing and enhance sleep. Many Mums benefit from reflexology treatments during pregnancy and in preparation for birthing.

In Baby Reflexology, the techniques have been adapted to specifically suit the needs of small people and small feet! The method is simple and effective and can be learned by Mums and other caregivers to use at home. One key advantage of baby reflexology is that it can be used anytime, anywhere, as no balm or oil is required – all you need to do is remove baby’s socks.

The one-to-one and quiet, gentle nature of a reflexology treatment greatly enhances bonding between baby and caregiver – vital in those early weeks and months. Studies into reflexology in children have shown improved sleep patterns, reduced asthma symptoms and a greater ability to relax following treatment. Research has also found that after receiving one session of reflexology immediately before getting a vaccination injection, infants exhibited lower pain levels than those who did not. They also presented with lower heart rates and shorter crying periods.

You can learn the techniques to treat your baby by attending a series of local classes. Each class takes you step-by-step through the key techniques to address specific concerns. Topics include common concerns such as digestion, reflux, sleep, ear and throat complaints and teething. Classes are informal and relaxed and offer the opportunity to meet other local Mums with a slice of homemade cake! Many parents report using their new techniques as part of baby’s bedtime routine and quite quickly this becomes associated with calm, relaxation and sleep.

Victoria is a local Mum and professional reflexologist and is passionate about sharing her knowledge of natural health techniques. She runs 5-week courses in Claygate for babies ages 6 weeks to crawling and will be hosting a course at the Mammas Fitness studio after Easter.

For more details and to book, please visit

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