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My Marathon journey & Returning to Running

In 2016 I ran the Virgin London Marathon. I ran in memory of my lovely dad who very suddenly died of heart failure two years previously. I’d never run a marathon before. It was beyond hard but it’s something I will never ever forget or be proud of...and doing it for my dad was obviously the main fuel for my running and purpose.

I am historically a runner and returned to running postnatally after five months of having my girls. This is not for everyone though! 🛑✋

I worked hard on my rehab, my breathing and my alignment before I began a basic ‘couch to 5k’ style program. 👊 This is essential!! Too many mums feel the need to go out and ‘pound the pavement’ before they are ready. Results? Pelvic floor issues, back problems, knee injuries, stress incontinence to name just a few. Your body has just had a battering in giving birth and having a beautiful baby, why would you go out and batter it some more? 🤦‍♀️

We need to get educated and treat ourself with more care. If you yourself want to re-educate yourself then read on!

The key is in the rehab, re-aligning your body after it has been in a completely different shape for the past nine months and a huge factor is learning to breath correctly again.

On Thursday 9th May I will be hosting a workshop on how to return to running safely after having a baby. I’m super excited to be doing this in conjunction with Lisa Few, an experienced Women's Health Physiotherapist.

The workshop is suitable for women who have recently had a baby or those who are pregnant and want to be prepared to return to running.

Held at Sherwood Studio, Claygate from 11.30am to 12.30pm. Babies welcome and refreshments will be provided. Places available to book via the website

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